Long-term courses

Our ten-month courses are yearly attended by approximately 110 students. At the moment, teaching is provided in English only in our department of Photography.

The next ten-month courses will take place from August to June.

Our departments are Film School, Photography, Journalism and TV and Radio Work.

The Film School is divided into three study lines: Film and TV, Documentary and Film Acting.

Film and TV

Starts with the basics in scripting, directing, filming, editing, lighting, recording and production. After completing the basic courses and practical training, students can choose one of the above-mentioned fields of specialization.

The principal genres are short fiction, music video, TV program and video art. We work in diverse cooperation with students of Film Acting.

Head: director and producer Tapio Kivirinta


The basic courses taken during the first three months are common with the Film and TV studies. After completing the basics, students attend courses in documentary film, TV documentary, radio documentary, documentary photography, scripting and production.

Head: director and producer Tapio Kivirinta

Film Acting

The main focus of the first months is on the methods of acting, elocution, acrobatics, dancing, singing, improvisation and physical well-being.

The theory of drama is also taught. The basic courses are followed by acting assignments in productions of Film and TV students.

Head: MA, actor Pauli Poranen


Starts with the technical and theoretical basics, which are complemented by expressive exercises. The primary focus is then shifted to journalistic, documentary and art photography. Photographers cooperate with students of Journalism by carrying out joint assignments and productions. Working in studios, darkrooms and lightrooms is also practised.

Finally, we hold our annual exhibition at the culture house Telakka in Tampere. Students of Photography are involved in many international projects as well.

In addition, students of Photography are offered the possibility to continue their studies with an 18-month advanced course that ends with an examination qualifying students to work as a professional photographer.

In our photo courses teaching is provided both in English and in Finnish.

Head: Phil. Lic. Hannu Sinisalo


The study programme provides students with valuable practice from the very beginning in writing articles and reportages for newspapers and magazines. Students are also given assignments in journalistic photography and using Photoshop, in addition to which our annual publications, Voionmaa Today and Väinö, are put together in cooperation with Photography students.

University-level studies are provided through the Basic Study block in Journalism (25 ECTS) by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. of the University of Tampere. Furthermore, students will write news, interviews, reportages and columns for different media. Students will also become acquainted with good linguistic usage as well as layout and graphic design.

Head: MA, headmaster Pasi Salmikallio

Radio and TV work

Students are trained in practice by working in TV and radio, and programs are also made for online publication. In addition, students will practise elocution and public appearance on TV and become acquainted with live broadcasting. Programs made in a TV studio are produced together with the students of our Film school.

Head: MA, headmaster Pasi Salmikallio and on radio work Timo Ruusuvuori